Friday, March 13, 2015

A Book Vacation - utopYA Con 2015 Interview with Victoria Faye

Happy Friday! Eep! It's time for the weekend, and Shana over at A Book Vacation has something special for you all. As you know, Friday is the day for utopYA Con 2015 posts here on the blog, and I love to give you guys peeks at what the other bloggers are doing. This week, it's all about Branding (heck yeah!) and the special workshop Victoria Faye of Whit and Ware is giving at the con. If you don't have tickets to the con yet, get them here. It's gonna be four days of fun and learning!

Don't forget to collect all four pieces of the special phrase the bloggers will have on their posts. The whole phrase will be needed when you enter to win Saturday signing space!

Want another beautiful infobit? You'll also find out the details of Whit and Ware's giveaway: Dream Like a Boss during the interview. GOGOGOGO!

Here's the schedule:
Week 1 – Jo Michaels hosts C. J. Redwine's discussion on her workshop - Query Letter
Week 2 – A Book Vacation hosts Victoria Faye's discussion on her workshop - Book Branding Blueprint
Week 3 – The Paisley Reader hosts Regina Wamba's discussion on her workshop for graphic designers and photographers
Week 4 – Book Junkie: Not so Anonymous  will be talking about the special Friday night event, will have a list of Saturday signing authors, and will be giving away a spot at the signing

Why are you still here? Get over to A Book Vacation and find out more! Don't forget to snag the partial phrase while you're there!

Are you excited about this workshop? Tell me why.

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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