Thursday, November 5, 2015

Emancipation Excerpt #2

Happy Thursday, everyone! So, as you all may know, I'm working on a psychological thriller. I can't even begin to tell you how twisted it is so far, but I'm about 15k in, and I have it on my calendar to share an excerpt with you today. I spent all day yesterday prepping for the big pitch party next month, and I'm happy to say it's all set up and ready to roll. Links aren't live yet, but we have an AMAZING grand prize this year. You'll have to wait until December to find out what it is. *grin*

Check out the post announcing the first full chapter publication here, and see a teaser letter from Jess to Tobias here.

If you're interested in joining the Facebook party for the release of Emancipation (March 22), you can do that here. Monthly prizes are being given away, and I have an invite contest where you can win some Amazon cash.

Without further ado, here's excerpt #2 (unedited, in case you were wondering):

“You better behave in there, Butler.”

“I will.” Giving his best smile, he waited for the door to be opened. Once he had a clear path, he stepped over the threshold and stared.

Jess was sitting at the table with her back to him. When the door banged closed, she turned, and a smile bloomed on her face. She stood up and walked toward him with her right hand extended. “Tobias. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person.”

Her voice oozed through his brain, and he drank her in from head to toe. Button up blouse, short skirt, and heels. To keep his loins under control—he didn’t want to pop a boner while shaking her hand for the first time—he forced his eyes to meet hers and played it as cool as he could. With a grip that was firm but gentle, he took her hand in his own and shook once. “Nice to meet you, too.” In the back of his mind, he wished all the formalities could be skipped and that they could go straight to f-ing against the wall. But he kept his face stoic, and he knew he’d passed when she laughed.

“Are we going to stand here all afternoon, or would you like to sit down?”

“I’m sorry. It’s just, when we touched, I felt something there.” He laid it on thickly, hoping she was as dumb as she was blonde. “I think we’re going to make quite the pair, Jessica.”

“Please, call me Jess. I liked it in your letter, and I’m positive I’ll like it now.” She blushed.

He noted the way she was looking at him and knew he had her. “Okay, Jess. Then you call me Toby.” With what he was sure was a pleasant smile on his face, he moved around the table and sat down across from her.

There was a box next to her briefcase, and she motioned to it as she organized her papers. “Brought you donuts.”

His jaw dropped. How the hell… “I’ve never heard of them letting anyone in here with stuff like this. How’d you manage that?” He reached for the box and lifted the lid, pulling out the first donut his hand could grab, lifting it to his lips, and taking a huge bite. Sugar melted on his tongue along with the yeasty dough, and he moaned as his eyes slid closed.

Jessica’s answer was barely heard. “I have my ways. Attorney, remember?”

“Mmm hmmm,” he said, as he chewed the third bite. When on the fourth donut, chocolate coated his tongue and sprinkles crunched between his teeth. Lost in the ritual of eating one of the sweet confections, taking them one after another, and savoring each bite, he allowed himself to relax for the first time in nearly twelve years. There was no one trying to take his food, stab him, or make him do anything. Being allowed to do what he wanted, when he wanted, was a luxury he’d taken for granted on the outside.

Never again.

When he’d consumed the last donut, he opened his eyes and smiled.

Jess was leaning forward, her chin resting on one palm, watching him intently. “Enjoy that?”

He nodded. “More than you know.”

“I enjoyed watching it. Should’ve brought you more than six.”


RELEASES MARCH 22! Enjoy the book trailer!

Hope to see you at the party!

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



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    1. LOL! Thanks. I'm totally channeling my "inner dude" for this piece :)

  2. Reads well! I can really hear your MC's voice in my head :)


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