Marketing Tips

Here's where you'll find advice on marketing and tools you can use to do so.

Facebook Pages Gives You Insights to Your Fans - Did you know this tool existed?
Marketing Plans - All about creating a plan to market your book
Hootsuite VS Buffer - What an auto updater can do for you
BookBub and Favorite Authors - What the new feature is and how it might help you
YouTube for Bloggers and Authors - How both can use this awesome tool for marketing
Using Groupon for Book Sales - One thing you may want to try
Author Central and You - How to set stuff up over there (part one of two)
Author Central and You - Take Two - More about your profile on Amazon (part two of two)
Your Books on Amazon Author Central - What all those buttons mean and why they matter
Bring Your Knowledge to the Classroom Virtually with Nepris - Another marketing avenue
Creating a Universal URL for Your Book on Amazon - Avoiding the billion link thing
Tracking Your Universal URL - So you know what's working and what isn't
How Many Books Should I Bring to XxX Author Event - A by the numbers tip to help you
Marketing: Things I Learned by Working at the Telephone Company - How to sell and make it stick
Twitter - Navigating the Billion Tweet Waters - A how to guide for new Twitter users
Authors Navigating Instagram - Hashtags, Sister Apps, and Best Practices - A basic guide
Facebook Page Basics - Getting Ready for Likes - How to set up a Facebook page