Editing Tips

This is all about self editing. Each post is defined so you can quickly find what you're looking for. Enjoy!

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Common Editing Errors - Stuff I find others probably aren't looking for but should be
Rough Drafts to Completed MS - 10 Steps - Self explanatory, no?
Editing Tips - Things you should be looking for before your MS goes to an editor
Beta Readers - When, Where, and How - What you should look for in a beta reader and other goodies


Dashing Dashes and How to Use Them
The Period
Comma Part 1
Comma Part 2
Comma Part 3
Parentheses, Brackets, Braces, and Slashes
Clauses, Introductory Phrases, and Commas - How to find and fix your comma usage in these situations
Semicolons - Fear no more that dreaded punctuation mark!


Dialogue Traps to Avoid and How to Fix Them - Self-explanatory, no?
Dialogue Tags vs Action Tags - When to use a comma
Dialogue - Keeping it Fresh - How to perk up your dialogue
Dialogue Pitfalls and How to Fix Them - 4 things to watch out for with quick fixes


Pesky Pronouns - Self explanatory. An easy way to identify and eradicate misused pronouns. 
Pronouns Round Two - More on those pesky pronouns
Pronouns in Dialogue - Yay! There's more! Wait... What? How pronouns in dialogue don't count

Variation and Organization

Using Your Thesaurus - How to use a thesaurus to add dimension to your writing 
5 Ways to Avoid Insta-Love - Readers hate insta-love. Find out how to avoid this kiss of death
Style Guide Per Novel - How you can save your editor (and yourself) headaches
5 Ways to Bond Readers and Characters - A quicky tip on how to create the most important bond of all
Writing a Series - What to watch out for and how to keep up
Variation - How to use a Thesaurus to keep your writing fresh

Word Usage

Whose Who was Wittier than Who's Whom - When to use each
Metaphors - What they are and how to use them
Onomatopoeias - Huh? Another grammarly word
Bass Ackward - Some correct ways to write
Gerunds - What they are
PoSSeSSive S - When to use an apostrophe and an S
Homo WHATS? - A post on those pesky brats, homophones
-ly - Those freaking overused ADVERBS!
Contractions - Why they matter and why you should use them
Woman v/s Women - And other mix-ups that make people nutso