Friday, July 27, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Blogs Part 10 of The Blog Party

Today is day TEN and the last day of my blog party :( I'm sad it's over but it's been great fun and we're gonna go out with a bang!! First and foremost, go see the winner of Dee Ankary's giveaway announced here.

I will do a recap post on Monday for anyone that missed anything and to announce the winners of the contests over the ten days.

I would like to present to you all, the final rafflecopter giveaway for my blog:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Yup, it's a big one. I've really enjoyed having you all participate and look forward to having more fun in the future. Perhaps in September. Keep your eyes open for that.

Time to tell you a little about Crystal Lee and her book Canopy that's on the giveaway block today. If you prefer, you may purchase a copy here.

Crystal Lee can best be described in one word: passionate. She has many hobbies in addition to writing, such as being an avid organic gardener, which can be challenging in the Desert Southwest. It doesn’t stop her though. She grew up in a family where her dad wrote all the time, and it kind of became a part of her.

She is currently a La Leche League leader and a licensed International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.For ten years she taught the Bradley Method, natural childbirth classes, and was involved with the natural birthing community by having a birthing tub rental business. Her goal is to someday be a lay midwife and help families have a positive birthing experience in the peaceful and private environment of their own home.

She is a native Arizonan, and lives with her husband and four young children, not far from their extended family members in Tempe, Arizona. Being active in her community is important to her, along with helping out with her children’s education. She’s been known to volunteer and teach segments of their classes on childbirthing and breastfeeding. It always garners lots of embarrassing giggles—the highlight of her day. Until they invite her back, she enjoys writing her unique stories on her Netbook at home.

As Earth’s pollution problems increase in the year 2042, Jash Lepitt has decisions to make. Does he take the responsible route, fusing by inhaling DOOGS: specialized alien species of gnats that will genetically enhance him? Or does he remain flawed; be discriminated against by a society rewarding fused people? Desperate to win over Lissy Darrish, he questions it because she’s a Danat—a purist opposed to changing the body. In addition to her convictions, she’s also falling in love with a Danat, Tryst Navar. Devoting his time to protecting her from Tryst is harder than it seems for Jash. Tryst witnessed a friend of his being attacked by aggressive DOOGS while on the job building houses in the treetops. What will happen when all three of them become involved in the secrecy of the canopy’s DOOGS? And will Lissy risk being with Jash when being intimate can possibly contaminate her?

I know!! I want a copy too!!

As usual, I will begin with the author listed above for my blog list before continuing on to give you the last of the blogs I love.

Crystal Lee ~ Author  On Twitter: @CLeeAuthor

A very informative and instructional blog for anyone looking to build a platform:

Gavin Mountford's Productive Entrepreneur  On Twitter: @gavinmountford

A writer with a spiritual journey:

Diamond Panes    On Twitter: @Latticewindows

Always a fun read and very entertaining:

Writer, of sorts.   On Twitter: @tdhurst

A guy who talks about family, parenting, and Christian values:

Jackie Bledsoe Jr   On Twitter: @jbledsoejr

Well, that's all for today, folks! Come back on Monday to see if you won anything and for the recap! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. This blog party is fantastic Jo, really glad you have the energy for such a great thing!

    1. I'm glad you're having fun!! I have boundless energy :) Thanks for the comment!


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