Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fetters for the Fourth

Today, I am chained to my desk. Tonight, I am chained to my desk. I will prepare my non-fiction book for publication and write one volume of the Mystic series by the end of this month. My fetters grow ever heavier.

Some people take the 4th of July off, but a writer's work is never done. Some days I wish my book sales would pick up and give me a reason to keep writing. But then I remember, I don't write to make money (that would be an exercise in futility). I write because I have stories to tell and I want people to read them.

When someone says my book had a strong impact on them, I have been paid. I'm the richest person in the world when I make someone else smile or stop and think. That is why I write and it keeps me going every day. Well, that and The Best Boyfriend in the World.

I'm honestly the luckiest person on the planet. I have him, five great kids, a great mom, a wonderful little dog, and my virtual besties. I'm able to do what I love every day. I couldn't ask for more.

But I do sometimes. I admit it. I wish I could think my books into existence, I wish I didn't wear my heart on my sleeve, and I wish for peace in my soul. But, I think if any of those things truly changed, I would not be able to write. I type and think about what happens next, feel very deeply everything that is said to me, and have chaos in my soul (making me a tortured artist). Escape in my words is all that keeps me sane.

You writers know how I feel.

Happy 4th of July, everyone.

Don't forget to watch my blog for the announcement of the first couple of FREE days for The Abigale Chronicles - Book Two. I won't post it anywhere else. Let's see how many of you are excited about it.

That's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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