Monday, July 30, 2012

Winners and Recaps

Hello all!! Welcome to the recap page for my blog party!! Happy UNbirthday to the following people:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now it's time for a few thank yous from me to the authors who participated. After that, I will do a quick rundown of all the blogs I listed.

Chazz: Thank you for allowing me to promote your book The Dangerous Kind and Other Stories for my blog party.
Lisa: Thank you for your generosity in donating a copy of your book Soul Journey for my blog party.
Randi: Your beautiful gift was much appreciated. I hope many people received your message. Thank you for taking the time to create something so special. I wish your book Awaken From Life much success.
Dorothy: Thank you for allowing me to promote your book God Placed Her in My Path on my blog party.
Dee: Thank you for Kindlegraphing your book How to: Build a Profitable Niche Blog and providing a copy as a giveaway for my party.
Kebba: Thank you for allowing me to promote your book Peace Within on my blog party.
Ashley: Thank you for allowing me to promote Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist for my blog party.
Linda: Thank you for Kindlegraphing your book INZARED Queen of the Elephant Riders and providing three copies for my party.
Crystal: Thank you for providing a printed, signed copy of your book Canopy for my giveaway. I hope it does well over the months to come.

On to the blogs!!
A Dead Good Blog
Booketta's Book Blog  On Twitter: @bookettajane
The Hungry Freelancer  On Twitter: @bethythewriter
Have You Heard Book Review  On Twitter: @Kissablysweet1 
Ann Marie Walker  On Twitter: @AnnMarie_Walker
Chazz Writes  On Twitter: @RChazzChute
Family Bugs Blogging  On Twitter: @Family_Bugs
The Misadventures of Chelsea Black  On Twitter: @chelseablack
Rachelle Gardner  On Twitter: @RachelleGardner
Ramblin' with AM  On Twitter: @ RamblinGarden
Libertys Yarn  On Twitter: @LibertysYarn
Imagine! Create! Write!  and Chapter Book Challenge  On Twitter: @moonduster
Ghostnapped!  On Twitter: @AshleyHowland
The Arkside of Thought  On Twitter: @SahmAtaineKing
Passionate Ramblings  On Twitter: @_LisaCherry
Doug Turnbull  On Twitter: @dturnbull2
God Placed Her in My Path
Judith Cassis C.Ht.  On Twitter: @telesuccess
An Average Woman in a Superwoman World  On Twitter: @AverageWomanSJ
Love Your Life!  On Twitter: @RandiGFine
throwing up in an IKEA bag  On Twitter: @jenchatwrites
Writer's Block Admin Services  On Twitter: @JoHarris0n
the art of possibility... discovering new pathways to success  On Twitter: @klaughman
You Are What You Write  On Twitter: @rachelhwrites
Caro Ayre
Danielle. Wife. Author. Mother.  On Twitter: @danielle_lise
Heather's Book Chatter  On Twitter: @woodtop255
Depression Cookies  On Twitter: @Tia_Bach_Author
Helz-Design  On Twitter: @HelzDesign
moonpreneur  On Twitter: @deeankary
Marcie Brock, Book Marketing Maven  On Twitter: @phxazlaura
The Book Designer  On Twitter: @JFbookman
Faith Develops in the Dark
Ellie's Blog  On Twitter: @EllieMendez
UpBeat Spiritual Living   Twitter: @kebbabutton
Darci Cole Wife. Mommy. Writer.   Twitter: @darci_cole
Christian Writers Downunder   Twitter: @CWDownunder
Denise DeSio    Twitter: @TopBee
Peter Faur    Twitter: @PeterFaur
Ghostnapped blog  On Twitter: @AshleyHowland
Bonnie R Paulson  On Twitter: @bonnierpaulson
Diapers, Bookmarks, and Pipe Dreams  On Twitter: @KirkusMacGowan
JD Stockholm  On Twitter: @JD_Stockholm
Beauty and Books  On Twitter: @LazenBeauty
The Book Smugglers  On Twitter: @booksmugglers
L. Leander Books   On Twitter: @lleander11
Illustration Junky    On Twitter: @illustrationbee
Michael R. Hicks   On Twitter: @KreelanWarrior
Melissa Writes    On Twitter: @MissieK
T.L. Bodine   On Twitter: @tlbodine
Crystal Lee ~ Author  On Twitter: @CLeeAuthor
Gavin Mountford's Productive Entrepreneur  On Twitter: @gavinmountford
Diamond Panes    On Twitter: @Latticewindows
Writer, of sorts.   On Twitter: @tdhurst
Jackie Bledsoe Jr   On Twitter: @jbledsoejr

And there's the rundown. Lots of great new folks to follow on twitter as well. I hope you have all enjoyed participating in my blog party! Congratulations to the winners! If your name is there, you will be contacted shortly for shipping info!!

That's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. I've been so bad about blog reading lately (thanks to my summer, kids-oriented schedule), and I hate that I missed your party. I appreciate the shout-out, and I'm going to go back and check out some of the awesome authors and books you featured. Fun! I promise to be a better blog follower. I've missed my "Jo" blog reading.

    1. Awwww!! That's the sweetest darned thing!! I know what you mean about a kid/summer schedule. I'm looking forward to NaNo in the hopes that I get some good work done. Good to see you back, Tia! :) Thanks for the comment.


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