Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Blogs Part 3 of The Blog Party

Today, I'm excited to bring you news of a wonderful kind. My blog party is going to run for two weeks! This is my birthday present to myself!

I have a lot of great giveaways still to come so follow me and stay in the loop! Also, Ms. Lisa Cherry has generously offered a copy of her book Soul Journey for a rafflecopter drawing. Everyone say thank you to Ms. Lisa. You can find the book for purchase here for you folks in the UK or here for you folks in the US. You can find her on FaceBook here and LinkedIN here.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here's a bit about the author and the book:

Isn't she super pretty?!

Author Bio:

Who is Lisa Cherry? To those who meet her, it’s impossible to define her in a single sentence. At first glance, she’s a successful business woman running an holistic massage practice. However, if you spoke to her clients you would discover that she doesn’t merely relieve stress or pain, but empowers women to make positive lifelong changes.

Lisa herself has overcome adversity despite facing many challenging life experiences. Her teenage years were symbolised by hurtling from one foster home to the next seeking stability and love. School exclusions, care homes, alcoholism and homelessness made their mark, before Lisa found the inner strength to break free from a spiral of self-destruction and chose life instead.

After getting sober at the age of 20, steely determination drove her through a university degree, after which she devoted 18 years to the social services sector helping children and families through difficult times – whilst still battling her own inner demons.

It was though pursuing an holistic approach to life that Lisa found the roots of her true recovery. With a holistic massage diploma in the bag, her thirst for life was unleashed. Far from being a mere survivor, Lisa’s passion for life, change and personal development now inspire others to follow their dreams.

In fact, upon discovering blogging, she rapidly connected with an audience hungry to listen and, like Lisa, confront tough challenges in their own past. Through her encouragement, many women embarked on their own journey of discovery, sharing their achievements with Lisa on her blog.

What makes Lisa so compelling is her selfless ability to openly share her soul, reflecting upon life with complete honesty and integrity. Imbuing others with a vision for change, she empowers others in their own healing. Such is the affect that Lisa’s boundless energy and incredible positivity have on all those whose lives she touches. In this her first book, Lisa reveals her own mantra for living and shares other women’s celebratory journeys over adversity.


When it seems impossible to free yourself from a life spinning out of control or from a cycle of emotional pain, it’s incredible to imagine how words on a page can change your life completely…
They can. Such is the power behind Soul Journey.
Soul Journey draws together a unique collection of real-life stories featuring extraordinary everyday women. I share their journey through life’s challenges and how personal discovery led to profound change.

Unlike other self-help books, the different journeys combine to show how connecting with your own healing can have an astonishing impact on how you bond with the world beyond. That need to feel part of others’ lives is something we all crave. As you explore the book, you can find new ways to feel part of life’s bigger picture.
The book is shaped from real life – a tapestry of poignant and enlightened moments. Weaving my own personal insight gained through being in care, homeless and a recovering alcoholic – to my holistic therapy work – every shared experience is rooted in naked truth… in honesty. Find the courage you need to take the first step…

Finally, this book is about you – and what connects us together. Seize the chance to reflect on you, your life, your aspirations. Learn to share pain, share the journey and share the celebration of self-recovery. By walking this pathway together, you can truly thrive – and be the person you want to be.

On to our regularly scheduled post for today! Such exciting things happening, I almost can't sit still!

First and foremost, Ms. Lisa Cherry's blog. She has a great book group on her blog as well, that just makes it more interesting!

Passionate Ramblings  On Twitter: @_LisaCherry
Passionate Ramblings Book Group

If you are sci-fi passionate, you'll love this guy's blog:

Doug Turnbull  On Twitter: @dturnbull2

Are you battling depression? Do you have a family member who's battling depression? This blog is from a woman who's dealt with it all, and it's a hub of information on the topic:

God Placed Her in My Path

Would you like to know how to get the best marketing ideas to build your platform? Check out this blog written by a woman who has the know-how:

Judith Cassis C.Ht.  On Twitter: @telesuccess

Now, the lady I'm about to mention doesn't just write a blog, she also has a radio show. She is:

An Average Woman in a Superwoman World  On Twitter: @AverageWomanSJ

Don't forget to enter my Goodreads giveaway for your chance at a copy of The Abigale Chronicles - Book Two! If you have young readers, you NEED the series. Go enter!

Well, that's all for today, folks!! Come back tomorrow for more great blog reads and more great gifts! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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