Wednesday, October 24, 2012

lOOk at YoUr fAceBoOk

Hello, lovely people of the blogosphere! This week will be a designer's look at what you're doing on different platforms and will be called lOOk at YoUr xXx. Follow along and learn! Today I'd like to talk to you all about FaceBook pages. No, not your personal page that you add your best high-school buds to. Your business or fan page.

Go grab those pencils and paper and let's dive right in. You know the drill, right? First, let's see how you measure up.

Answer these questions about your FaceBook page:
  1. Is your cover image all about you or your titles?
  2. Are your links easy to find?
  3. Do you know who you are at a glance (without clicking around)?
  4. If a visitor leaves FaceBook after a glance, do they know what you're selling?
  5. How many posts do you make per day?
  6. Where can visitors find your promotions?
  7. Does your cover image fit or is it cropped?
  8. Is your FaceBook page branded to match your blog/website/twitter? 
  9. Are you using Timeline?
Based on your observations, answer the following:
  1. Can you rebrand your cover image and icon(s) so people know more about what you do?
  2. Where can you put your links so they're easy to find?
  3. How many places can your name go?
  4. What kind of content could you include to let visitors know what your products are?
  5. How many posts could you make per day?
  6. Are your images the best quality they can be?
  7. Why aren't you using Timeline?
Now, go check out this post by Liberty on how to add things like cover images for your tabs, install apps, and size requirements. Then come on back and let's implement those ideas.

A few tips on fixing the above:
  1. Upgrade to Timeline. Please. It will give you a million more options.
  2. Design your cover image in some kind of software (Liberty mentions Gimp and it's a good alternative) that allows you to specify size. Create a new image per the requirements and brand that puppy. On a side note, I've heard authors say their book covers are their brand and they couldn't be more correct. However, what happens when you have more than one book? I strongly suggest branding yourself with either: your face, a logo, your name in a specific font, or a font + a color scheme. If you use your face, have a professional photograph taken, please!
  3. Put your links on your about page or add your url to your cover image in a way that's not annoying. For example: If you use YourName in large letters, you can add .com in smaller letters on the end.
  4. Make sure your name either appears in your cover image OR your icon. Even if your icon is your face, add your name to it. Won't hurt, will help.
  5. Make sure folks know what books you've written or what you're selling at a glance. You have ten seconds to make an impression. Please make one that lasts.
  6. How can you add valuable content via posts to your timeline? When you see something you like while browsing with your personal page, share it on your business page as well.
  7. Add apps or icons with your promotions. This can be as simple as a rafflecopter embed. Trust me, just do eet!
  8. Make sure your images are at least 72dpi. No one wants to look at a blurry photograph.
  9. Once you have your name, book covers, and logo or image on there, consider your branded color scheme and add elements of those as well. Remember your icon will overlap your cover image a bit on the lower, left-hand side. Design accordingly.
Remember, you can get tips like these in my book The Indie Author's Guide to: Building a Great Book. For just $2.99 I talk branding, formatting, and design for indies.

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Question of the day: Did you know everything above? Are you interested in learning more about branding?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Great tips on branding! Spot on. :)

    1. Thank you, C.E. I try to help folks as much as possible. Thanks for the blog luv!


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