Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Happy Wednesday, good people of the blogosphere! Boy, do I have some amazing news for you today. Do you remember the Winter Author Blog Challenge and all that social media stuff we were talking about? If you have a mobile device, I'm about to make your millennium oh so much better! I've been holding off discussing it until now because I was waiting for their upgrade to be announced.

I got the e-mail this morning.

What is Flipboard? Well, it's a nifty little app that lets you keep all your social media accounts in one place and helps you find stuff you may be interested in. If you listened to my interview on Sandi Tuttle's radio show, you heard me talk about this awesome tool. If not, then you missed out. Sorry. Like I said, I was waiting to do a post on it until they updated to add this awesome feature I'm about to discuss. Let's get going!

Grab your mobile device, download the FREE Flipboard app, get all signed up with an account, and take a tour with me while I show you how to promote yourself!

Follow along carefully:
  • Go subscribe to your own blog via RSS/Atom
  • Add it to your Google Reader
  • Open Flipboard and add your Google Reader as one of your tabs. Then follow the directions below:
See that little red bookmark looking thing on the top right? Click on it and choose your tabs from there. Right now, we're focused ONLY on Google Reader. So add that one.

Next, click on the green square that says Google Reader and you should get a page that looks like this but have all the blogs you subscribe to.

Click on the title at the top of the page and select feeds and folders.

Select your blog from the list.

You should now have a page that looks like this but with your blog posts showing.

Now we get to how this can help you. Flipboard just added the coolest feature ever: Magazines of your curated content. See those little + signs in the top right of each post? Click on one and create your first magazine with your blog posts. You should add a description and categorize it. Then, go add all your posts to it and make it public!

Others can now find your magazine and browse it with ease. Be sure your image is your logo or branding headshot. Boom! You just reached millions of potential new followers! Best of all, you can also add Facebook content, Twitter content, and many other things to your magazine that concern you and your brand! You may thank me now. Hehe!

Go curate for others, too. Remember, sharing is caring!

Did you use Flipboard before now? Did you know it existed?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Thanks for sharing this! You're always finding the best tools for bloggers =)

    1. I try very hard, dear :) Thanks for the awesome support of my blog every day. I really appreciate it so much.

  2. I don't use Google Reader but I heard it is going to be done away with. I am using something similar to this and it allows me to add my content only or I can add others as well to make a magazine.

    1. Well, you can also use Facebook or Twitter, but a direct line to the post is always awesome. If they do away with Reader, they'll replace it with something RSSish :) Thanks for the comment, Toni!


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