Friday, September 11, 2015

Giveaway of the Mystic Series

Happy Friday, good people of the blogosphere! Today, I'm giving you links for a giveaway running over on Facebook. A huge shout out to Reading for Fun! Go give the page a like if you love books. She's always sharing the latest and greatest. Ready? Get your entry fingers ready and let's get going!

First up, a printed, signed copy of Bronya: Mystic book 1 (US only on this one).

Enter here.

Here's information about the book:

Genre: New Adult Paranormal
Length (print): 108 pages

Paperback $8.99
Kindle FREE
Paperback - DRD Edition $5.99
Smashwords FREE

This is book one of the Mystic series. A set of New Adult Paranormal novellas that speak out against issues faced in the world today, showing how strong women can overcome anything.

Bronya Thibodeaux is a senior at Houma High School whose life is about to be changed forever. She's always felt like an outcast, but thinks she may have found a friend when a strange, new girl named Markaza who has blue hair, a number of tattoos, and a strange way of dressing appears.

Bronya's life choices make her a pariah in her small town. After getting thrown out of school, not being able to find a job, and being subjected to ridicule and cruel treatment, Bronya chooses to leave her old life behind forever when she receives a compelling invitation from a mysterious company named WSTW.

What Bronya doesn't know, is the mysterious company is owned by Markaza; a mystic who knows the end of the world is coming and is gathering together the only people who can stop the evil that's threatening to take over. Bronya is just the first. But going to New York is only a baby step toward her true journey. As Bronya races against the clock to unlock a power she never knew she had, Markaza races to collect the others: Lily, Shelia, Melody, and Coralie.

Next up, a giveaway for an e-copy of the Mystic boxed set (International)!

Enter here!

How amazing is that? Tina, the owner of the page, and I met at Utopia, where she bought the first five Mystic books. As she read them, she messaged me her feels. I was blown away by her love for my young women. Now, she wants more of the series (good thing there's a spinoff in the works, huh?). She's such an awesome lady! Please, please, go show her page some love!

Did you enter?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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