Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chapter 17 and a New Idea

Chapter 17 feels clunky. It has no flow because I can find little conflict. I'm sure Temujin will step in something along the way, he just hasn't yet. It's a problem when your characters lounge around and refuse to do anything interesting for a few pages. Everyone yell with me, "TEMUJIN! GET OFF YOUR BUTT, SON!"

Haha. Now that we have that out of the way...

Today my goal is 3,000 words. I am not moving my butt until those 3,000 words are on paper. That probably means chapter 17 will roll off the presses today. Good news? With 28 chapters total, there are only 11 more to go now. We are getting close to the end. I still haven't figured out what the end will be but I'm sure my characters will tell me when we come to that point. Do I follow history or allow myself a bit of creative freedom? Who knows?

I have an idea for a young reader's series and while Yassa mellows I will be working on that. I love the idea of a female protagonist; very few authors use them though. I believe that the ones who have, have done so with great success: Piers Anthony and his Mode series, Stephen King with Carrie, and, most recently, Suzanne Collins with The Hunger Games series. If you didn't fall in love with Katniss during the HG series, you either weren't reading it, or you didn't understand it. Colene, the protagonist in PA's 4 book Mode series, that began with Virtual Mode, was a tortured young lady with major character flaws that was easy to fall in love/identify with.

I don't know how many books will result from the series; I suppose it will depend on the reader reaction to the first one. If everyone hates it, I will move on. We shall see.

First, to finish Yassa!! It is now approximately 303 pages long and contains over 65 thousand words. By the time it releases, I am guessing it will be in the rough neighborhood of 500-600 pages long. What an accomplishment! I am proud just getting to 300!! Haha.

Perhaps an excerpt tomorrow...

It is 9am and time to hit the keys.

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


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