Monday, February 27, 2012

A New Week = A New Perspective

Hello and happy Monday!

Every great once in a while, you read something that makes you think perhaps you aren't weird after all - mine is On Writing - A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King. I have always wondered at my love of books and writing but I read that it is precisely that love that makes me a writer. You do not have to publish a book or a story to be a writer, you just have to write. I have been writing since I was 4 years old. I guess that makes me an old hand, eh?

I have also been a reader from that age. I have read more books in my lifetime so far than most people could ever dream of reading. I used to fall asleep with a book in my hand/on my head every night when I was younger. I love the written word and the only thing that tops that love is what I feel for the man in my life - the most passionate, deepest love I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing - and my kids. It can be detrimental when I lose myself in the pages of a well written story because nothing gets done if it's a good one. I know the readers out there can sympathize.

I write what I know from what I have learned through my life. In my book, Yassa, there are few details about the actual countryside of Mongolia because I have never been there and seen it with my own eyes. It is difficult to pull great description of a place if you have no firsthand knowledge of it. But, my book is not about Mongolia. My book is about a man, a woman, and a people. These are things I do know. I find my story easy to tell because I have experienced the all encompassing feelings that the man and woman have for one another. Finally, I can tell a tale of passionate love that crosses all boundaries and overcomes any obstacle thrown in its path because I have that in my life. We write what we know because we can tell the truth.

I owe every word I put on the page to the love I have had the great pleasure of experiencing through my Babydoll. He is there to encourage me, push me forward, and praise me. He has loved me through some tough things in my life and has remained by my side. He never tires of my needy ways, either. I could not do it without him.

I am off to write some more - this time my book. If you are a writer, WRITE ON! If you are a reader, may you find that new story that takes you into the pages and refuses to let you go.

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