Friday, February 3, 2012

Chapter 13 Excerpt!!

As promised, a little snatch from the middle of Chapter 13!!

    When I woke, her eyes were open and she was touching my hair and looking at me with such reverence on her face and such love in her eyes that my whole body tingled and my heart beat faster. I smiled sleepily at her and pulled her close. When she stiffened against me, I cringed inside and wondered if we could ever again be as we were. Those thoughts saddened me a bit but I decided to put them aside for the moment and just enjoy the closeness of my wife.

    I rose and called for Jamuka to come and sit with her while I went to find her some decent clothing. I hunted through the yurts until I found one that had been abandoned and had the touch of a woman on the inside. I sifted clothing until I found suitable attire and loaded my arms down with garments before heading back to the place I had left my wife.

With Temujin terrified to leave Borte's side, it makes one wonder how he manages to become Khan, doesn't it?

There is much betrayal still to come. Read what one of the critics said:

"I also really like Temujin’s character development. He’s a little clumsy and unsure of himself right now, growing from that colt-ish young man into something more. It’s nice to see an author make the reader take that journey with the character. It’s frustrating to me when I read about someone being perfect from the get-go." ~ B. Henderson

This story does, indeed, take you from an awkward nine-year-old's perspective to that of a full grown man's. I thought it pertinent to allow the book lover to grow up with the little rascal so they could have a better understanding of why he loves his wife the way he does and why he has so much trust in his anda.

I hope you are all chomping at the bit for the book now! More updates tomorrow!

Until then, WRITE ON!


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