Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chapter 14 is Written!

Yesterday, I was a machine and I cranked out over six-thousand words. Arguments and strain and betrayal and threats and oh man was it an awesome day!

I am feeling very good about my book today. I can't wait to publish it and let the world read this story that will have you punching the air with your fist and saying, "YESSSSSSSS!" one minute, crying into your pillow the next, then laughing hysterically at the antics of some of the more unique characters. I am filled with the emotions my characters experience and I am loving the roller coaster I am on.

My characters sleep with me at night and whisper their thoughts in my ear. They sit with me when I drink coffee and tell me their personal stories. It took me ten chapters before I truly knew them, but the journey has been worth every reward they have bestowed upon me. We have fought together, cried together, been terrified together, and even celebrated together on occasion.

I think the best thing about this whole story is that it has been based on history. Though some of the situations, some of the characters, and all of the character makeups are totally fictional, what Temujin and Borte went through before they were allowed to be together in reality just blows my mind.

I can't wait to share parts of the next few chapters. If you are reading this blog and have a moment, go back through the posted excerpts and have a look-see.

I will have this book IN your hands by the beginning of June (hopefully much sooner) so keep your eyes open and glued to this blog for an exact release date if you are as excited as I am.

Until next time, WRITE ON!!


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