Saturday, December 14, 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas 2013 Day Three

Happy Saturday, everyone! Well, here we are on day three. The insanity keeps growing! Before we move on to other things (i.e. today's giveaway), I'm gonna list the entries in the contest so far (authors, if you put in a referral link, I removed it. Sorry, I don't do that here), announce the winner of yesterday's giveaway, and tell you the title of the book I chose to review! If you want to see the master page of prizes, go here. Here's my list so far:

Renee Novelle Reflections Amazon Kindle $0.99
Marc Nash An Eye For An Eye For An Eye Amazon Kindle $2.99
Robin Murphy Federal City's Secret Amazon Kindle $2.99
*Rebecca Trogner The Last Keeper's Daughter Amazon Kindle $7.99*
Scott Marlowe The Five Elements Amazon Kindle $2.99
S.G. Night Attrition: the First Act of Penance Amazon Kindle $4.98
Niramisa Weiss The Liar Amazon Kindle $9.60
L.K. Evans Keepers of Arden: The Brothers Volume 1 Amazon Kindle $2.99
Kimberley Clark The Species Within (Battles in the Dark #1) Amazon Kindle $2.99
Elle Todd The Elect Amazon Kindle $2.99
Ginette Atcheson The Legacy: Fate Amazon Kindle $0.99
Jay Allan Storey Eldorado Amazon Kindle $3.99
Sarah Mäkelä The Witch Who Cried Wolf Amazon Kindle $0.99
Doris Schneider Borrowed Things Amazon Kindle $4.95
Molly Taggart Roots that Clutch Amazon Kindle $2.99
Stephanie Erickson The Cure Amazon Kindle $2.99
Peprah Boasiako The Hitman Amazon Kindle $0.99
Massimo Marino Daimones Amazon Kindle $2.99
Felicia Tatum Mangled Hearts Amazon Kindle $1.99
Beem Weeks Jazz Baby Amazon Kindle $3.99
Cassandra Janey Surrender To You Amazon Kindle $2.51
Judy Goodwin Heart of the Witch Amazon Kindle $2.99
Jerrie Brock Something Taken Amazon Kindle $2.99
Heidi Angell The Hunters Amazon Kindle $4.99
David T Griffith The Bestiarum Vocabulum Amazon Kindle $3.99
Kathy Garlock Gone for a Soldier Amazon Kindle $2.99  

If you entered and your name doesn't appear in the above list, you forgot to do something on the Rafflecopter. Only those authors with three entries on the excel form made it into this list. If you only left your book pitch and link in the comments, I didn't pick it up. You gotta fill out the form.

Remember, every book that's pitched stays in until the end! I'll announce a new choice every day. If you're an author, be sure you're following along each day to get a new way to join me on social media (this will matter when your review goes up). You can enter a book each day if you come back and fill out the new Rafflecopter form.

Here's the rafflecopter from yesterday with the winners of the prizes announced:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

You've won: A Jo Michaels Fan Pass for 2014! It includes every book I release next year and some awesome swag that will include at least two of the items from this store: WriteJoMichaels on Zazzle

Congratulations to you both! I'll be in touch sometime today to find out how to get you your prize.

The title of the book that's been added to my review list for 2014 is...

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Okay, here ya go!

The Five Elements by Scott Marlowe

I gotta admit, he got me from the sample. What a well written book so far!

Scott, your book has been shared, tweeted, pinned, and added to my Goodreads shelf for this contest.

From now until day 12, that book will be recognized with an * after the title when I do my rundown. 

**Kindly remember there's no guarantee your book will be reviewed by me. You did get a purchase and I'll try my best to read it. But if I find I can't give it more than 2 stars, I won't write the review.**

You can enter more than once! If you've already entered and have another book you'd like me to add to be considered, enter again!

On to the fun for today! Good luck, readers and authors!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Loving this fun raffle! What a great concept! I'm back to pitch another book....

    Sophie Mitchell may be the top marksman on her high school rifle team, but she has bad aim when it comes to boys. Her best friend Cory tells her that she doesn't have to date, but how else is she supposed to fit in? Even her own mother thinks she's eccentric. What eighteen-year-old girl isn't interested in romance? So Sophie devises a plan that will enable her to date even while she remains bullet-proofed from love. As Cory observes her amorous adventures from downrange, he worries that, these days, Cupid might be making armor-piercing bullets.

    Off Target is a humorous coming-of-age story and a tender romance that can appeal to any adult, young or old, who has ever learned through love. It takes place a few years in the future, but it's not a work of science-fiction. You'll find some interesting minor technological and political changes, however! You can read the free sample here:

    1. Welcome back, Molly!! Your book sounds like something I would enjoy the heck out of. Thanks for the second pitch. I'm looking forward to sampling it! Hugs!

  2. Hey Jo,

    Thanks for the opportunity! Here's the synopsis:

    The After Life is the story of Nad Raven - a young man, whose childhood is shattered by a cataclysmic event that leaves him trapped in an underground vault with a few other survivors of a modern day apocalypse. It is a tale of a small community that tries to move on after all hope seems to have been wiped out by an all out nuclear war. With our planet turned into a grim wasteland, the protagonist discovers that even in an isolated micro society there is love and hate, grief and happiness, valor and treason as well as that overpowering human temptation to find out what is out there - beyond the safe walls of the underground shelter. To find out, Nad embarks on a dangerous journey that holds many dark secrets... a journey that will change his life forever...

    All the proceeds from the sale of The After/Life will be donated to an orphanage for children with special needs located in Gyumri town of Armenia. It is a singular institution in the country with over 150 children with disabilities under constant care and attention of professional and dedicated staff.

    1. Hiya, Vardan! Welcome to the blog! Your book certainly sounds interesting. I can't wait to go grab a sample and get to reading! Be sure you filled out the rafflecopter entry form entirely!! If not, I won't get your info. Thanks for playing along!!

  3. The Indie Author's Guide to: Building a Great Book because I think it would be a good tool for writers and aspiring writers.

    1. LOL!! I think I'm gonna have to change that question :) Thanks for commenting, Jane! Good luck :)

  4. Good morning Jo!

    Day three! I've already pitched my book, but, tying into yesterday, I'll let you know that one of my characters can communicate with animals. I had to do it and it'll probably be a staple in all my books. Anyways, about halfway through, a wolf joins the group. His name is Adok, which is my first dog's name spelt backwards. She was a husky as well and some of the wolf's behaviors are inspired by her, especially in book two when Adok gets more page time.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    L. K. Evans

    1. OMG!! I love telepathic animals! I used one in The Bird. It was so fun. How cool is it that you use animals in all your books? I love that! Welcome back! Still love your dog to pieces :)

  5. Hi Jo:

    Please consider The Velocipede Races, a feminist bicycle racing adventure set in a quasi-Victorian world.

    Cutthroat velocipede racing enthralls the citizens of Seren, and Emmeline Escot was born to ride. There’s only one problem: she’s a girl. Serenias—the high-born women of the city—live tightly laced lives, cloistered by their families before marriage, rigidly controlled by their husbands after.

    Emmeline watches her twin brother gain success as a professional racing jockey while her own life grows increasingly narrow. Yet her hunger to ride never dies. Ever more stifled by the rules of her life, Emmeline rebels—with stunning consequences.

    Can her dream to race survive scandal, scrutiny, and heartbreak?


    Emily June Street

    1. Welcome, Emily, to the book pitching madness!! :) Your book sounds different. I love different. I'm excited to check it out! Be sure you filled out the rafflecopter forms :) YAY!!!!!! Thanks for playing!!

  6. Hey, Jo, how about a supernatural horror novel with a fast-paced plot, a very strong female lead, and enough original ideas for ten novels?

    Dexter Radcliff’s elderly great-aunt owns an ancient Native American artifact called the Talking Horn that allows one to speak with the dead, and when Dexter’s carelessness causes the Horn to be stolen he is plunged into a nightmarish struggle with the Lost Society, a vast narco-terrorist network of occult assassins led by a dead sorcerer. But Dexter’s problems have just begun—soon he will have to contend with parasitic brain-eating worms, sinister Longevitals who can live a very long time thanks to a hermetic treatment, a “Twisted Zoo” containing among its horrific exhibits Dexter’s murderous atavistic twin, “spectreholes” that open spectral doorways to other worlds, and a hellish monstrosity older than mankind that is preparing to return to earth and return earth to primordial chaos.

    Note: if you want to pick it up but want to save some money, the book will be on a $.99 Countdown Deal beginning the day after Christmas.

    1. Harvey, Harvey, Harvey!!! You hooked me with that strong female lead pitch :) I'll pick it up now if the sample interests me :) Welcome to the blog and thanks for participating!!

  7. Sounds like such a cool concept for the holidays! For what it is worth, you can get my e-books on smashwords and set your own price. I would love for you to take a look at my psychic detective novel, Elements of a Broken Mind!

    1. Welcome back!! I'm having fun with it and hoping to spread some holiday cheer while I'm at it! Thanks for participating and helping to make it awesome. :)

  8. Hi Jo! Thanks for the work you do for Indie authors!

    I think you should read my book because it's completely different than the books you're used to reading.

    Imagine an entity that gets insides people's heads and thinks thoughts that they believe to be their own, influencing them to do things they'd naturally be tempted to do, but might have resisted if it was for the extra push. And the entity is doing this to multiple people with the hope of ruining one man's life completely, hoping to make him snap and possibly become homicidal.

    That's unique, right? :)

    The title is Devon's Last Chance

    1. Ed, that's VERY unique!! I'm eager to get into it!! Thanks for playing and welcome to the insanity :)

  9. Wow. Honored and humbled to have been selected! Thanks, Jo!

    1. It was the sample. :) Very nicely done, Scott! :)

  10. Hi Jo,

    Not sue what happened yesterday as my book was listed on Friday but not yesterday, so below so my comment from Thursday.

    I would love for you to read and review my debut novel, Ambience. It takes place in Saint Augustine, FL, one of America's most haunted city. It is the first of a New Adult trilogy about a cursed man trapped in the city of his death as a ghostly hybrid of a person and the only way for him to break the curse is to kill the woman who holds his heart.

    Thanks for this giveaway.

    1. Hey, sweetie!! You're still in :) Sorry. It was a copy/paste issue on MY end. Saturdays, ugh! But I've corrected it for day 4. Again, sorry to worry you/cause you stress. Thanks for pointing it out! How embarrassing!

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