Sunday, December 22, 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas Day Eleven

Happy Sunday, lovely authors! Today's the last day to pitch your book! I'll be announcing the final winners tomorrow and launching the biggest giveaway yet. If you missed the master list of prizes, you can check out this post. I'll be announcing the final review list tomorrow.

Take heart if you're not on it, because I put a number of the samples into my later collection. That means I'll be choosing from that backlog of titles if I run out of books (and there's a good chance I will) or discard a number of the ones I've selected as I read more. Sometimes, you can't tell what the rest of the book will be like from the sample. While you can get a pretty good idea, I've discarded some from the 3/4 point. That's why I tell you all there's no guarantee.

So, let's move on into the rundown of the pitched books:

Renee Novelle Reflections Amazon Kindle $0.99
Marc Nash An Eye For An Eye For An Eye Amazon Kindle $2.99
Robin Murphy Federal City's Secret Amazon Kindle $2.99
*Rebecca Trogner The Last Keeper's Daughter Amazon Kindle $7.99*WINNER*
*Scott Marlowe The Five Elements Amazon Kindle $2.99*WINNER*
S.G. Night Attrition: the First Act of Penance Amazon Kindle $4.98
Niramisa Weiss The Liar Amazon Kindle $9.60
*L.K. Evans Keepers of Arden: The Brothers Volume 1 Amazon Kindle $2.99*WINNER*
Kimberley Clark The Species Within (Battles in the Dark #1) Amazon Kindle $2.99
*Elle Todd The Elect Amazon Kindle $2.99*WINNER*
Ginette Atcheson The Legacy: Fate Amazon Kindle $0.99
Jay Allan Storey Eldorado Amazon Kindle $3.99
*Sarah Mäkelä The Witch Who Cried Wolf Amazon Kindle $0.99*WINNER*
Doris Schneider Borrowed Things Amazon Kindle $4.95
Cat Brown Awakening (The Dark Rituals Book 1)  Amazon Kindle $0.99
Christina Marie Morales Ambience Amazon Kindle $0.99
*Felicia Tatum Masked Encounters Amazon Kindle $0.99*WINNER*
Molly Taggart Roots that Clutch Amazon Kindle $2.99
Stephanie Erickson The Cure Amazon Kindle $2.99
*Peprah Boasiako The Hitman Amazon Kindle $0.99*WINNER*
Massimo Marino Daimones Amazon Kindle $2.99
Felicia Tatum Mangled Hearts Amazon Kindle $1.99
Beem Weeks Jazz Baby Amazon Kindle $3.99
*C.S. Janey Surrender To You Amazon Kindle $2.51*WINNER*
Judy Goodwin Heart of the Witch Amazon Kindle $2.99
Jerrie Brock Something Taken Amazon Kindle $2.99
Heidi Angell The Hunters Amazon Kindle $4.99
*David T Griffith The Bestiarum Vocabulum Amazon Kindle $3.99*WINNER*
Kathy Garlock Gone for a Soldier Amazon Kindle $2.99
Molly Taggart Off Target Amazon Kindle $2.99
Emily Street The Velocipede Races Amazon Kindle $3.99
Heidi Angell Elements of a Broken Mind Amazon Kindle $4.99
Edward M Wolfe Devon's Last Chance Amazon Kindle $0.99 
S.G. Daniels The Druid's Doorway Amazon Kindle $3.99
Vardan Partamyan The After/Life Amazon Kindle $0.99
Tina Brescanu Destined Union Amazon Kindle $4.99
Liney Westlund Stella's Saga: Book One Amazon Kindle $2.99
Beth Deitchman Mary Bennet and the Bloomsbury Coven Amazon Kindle $3.99
Gloria Piper Train to Nowhere Amazon Kindle $2.99
Eric A. Maskell The Veil Amazon Kindle $2.99
Skylar Hamilton Burris The Strange Marriage of Anne de Bourgh Amazon Kindle $2.99
Erin McDowell Dark Luminance Amazon Kindle $3.99
Gloria Piper Finnegan's Quest Amazon Kindle $4.99
Emily Street and Beth Deitchman The Painted Dog and Other Stories Amazon Kindle $2.99
Heidi Angell Angel's Dance Smashwords --Set your own price.--
Gloria Piper Emperor's Hostages Amazon Kindle $2.99
J.S. Marlo Cold Sweat (Heart & Endurance #1) Amazon Kindle $4.99
Gloria Piper That Other Kind Amazon Kindle $2.99
Tamar Hela Feast Island Amazon Kindle $2.99
Chris Harrison We Are Toten Herzen Amazon Kindle $3.05
*Thaddeus White Sir Edric's Temple Amazon Kindle $2.99*WINNER*
Michele Cooke Dead and Buryd Amazon Kindle $3.99
Skylar Hamilton Burris A Greater Sound By Far Amazon Kindle $2.99
J. S. Marlo Unscripted (Duty Bound Series #1) Amazon Kindle $5.49
Kay Camden The Alignment Amazon Kindle $4.99
Gloria Piper Long Pig Smashwords $1.99
H. L. Carpenter Jack and The Fountain of Youth Amazon Kindle $2.25
Rusty Henrichsen Emmettville Amazon Kindle $2.99
J. S. Marlo Salvaged Amazon Kindle $5.49
Steve Douglass The Bridge to Caracas Amazon Kindle $2.99
Lee Barrett Barge Pilot Amazon Kindle $3.99
Robin Woods Allure Amazon Kindle $2.99

If you entered and your name doesn't appear in the above list, you forgot to do something on the Rafflecopter OR you sent me a print only book (which I cannot sample). Only those authors with three entries on the excel form made it into this list. If you only left your book pitch and link in the comments, I didn't pick it up. You gotta fill out the whole form.

Remember, every book that's pitched stays in until the end! I also don't go in order. Keeping you all guessing 'til the end is my fun time. If you're an author, be sure you're following along each day to get a new way to join me on social media (this will matter when your review goes up).

This is the last day to enter.

Time for the winners from yesterday:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'll be sending your prizes out later today.

Now, the book I selected from the list to add to the pile:

Finnegan's Quest by Gloria Piper

Your book has been shared, tweeted, pinned, and added to my Goodreads TBR list for this contest.

Finnegan is so much fun! I'm loving that little fox and her writing is wonderful. I can see myself becoming a fan of her work! Congratulations, Gloria!

**Kindly remember there's no guarantee your book will be reviewed by me. You did get a purchase and I'll try my best to read it. But if I find I can't give it more than 2 stars, I won't write the review.**

Today's entry form:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good last minute luck to you all!

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Dang! This sounds like a great prize! I'm kinda sad it's ending. I've been looking forward to this in the mornings. Plus the winning streak is kinda awesome.

    1. Today's prize is the most awesome one yet :) I'm glad you're having fun playing and winning, L. K.! :) It's been lovely having you visit. I do hope you come back and see me often!!

  2. From the previous day's entry:
    Yeah, international shipping can be absolutely horrendous (or even postage within the UK if the package is heavy or large). Probably even worse in the US (especially if you're posting from the East Coast to Hawaii). And now, to the contest:

    Bane of Souls was the first book I wrote, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it. It's a stand-alone high fantasy festooned with magic and, although 'serious', it does have a healthy dose of humour as well.

    The story follows Horst. He's a young Kuhrisch man, an outcast, visiting a foreign city with his uncle for a trading festival. However, within the city he's horrified to discover he has magical abilities (considered a curse by the Kuhrisch). The mages effectively conscript him on pain of death and his uncle abandons him. At the same time a spate of murders has been taking place, and the killer(s) have a taste for dead mages.

    I wanted to try a slightly different take on a high fantasy story. Although there's lots of magic the core of the story is about a city being terrorised by murder. It also follows Horst as he tries to adapt to a very different life in a city. Unlike lots of apprentice mages he's not a meek, shy fellow trying to become more confident and grow into manhood. He was perfectly happy in his old life as a hunter, and rather resents not just being a mage but living in a city with a people he considers weak.

    There's a relatively large cast, and a pretty high death toll too (I wanted to get away from books apparently filled with mortal danger but where everyone important to the story only suffers a flesh wound). The plot has quite a lot of twists and turns (I know everyone says that, but I can't really go into detail without giving away elements of the plot, as not knowing who the killer is/killers are is a big part of it) which have generally been well-liked.

    Bane of Souls can be bought here:

  3. Argh! I did all the donkey work and forgot about clicking the extra Rafflecopter things. *slaps self*


    From previous day's article: Postage is extortionate, it seems everywhere, so I don't blame you for limiting it to the US (though posting from the East Coast to Hawaii must cost an arm and a leg!).

    I'd like to enter Bane of Souls, the first book I wrote. It's a fantasy festooned with magic and a good dose of humour (although it's not a comedy). The story follows Horst, a young man from a culture which hates magic. He visits the city of Highford with his uncle and ends up discovering he's a mage. Horst gets conscripted by the city's mages on pain of death, and his uncle abandons him. To make matters worse, Highford is being terrorised by a spate of murders, and the killer(s) have a taste for dead mages.

    It's worth buying because there are several original elements. Whilst the young apprentice mage angle is not new, Horst is a hands-on, confident man rather than a meek boy trying to grow into manhood. He resents being forced to live in a foreign city as a mage, isn't shy about showing it and gets arrested for brawling with a small army of chevaliers (knights) during a religious holiday.

    Whilst I like end of the world/the kingdom is doomed scenarios the plot's of a slightly different hue. Serial killing's obviously serious, but not one too often explored in fantasy. In addition, there's a relatively large cast and a relatively high death toll, too. Characters aren't mysteriously impervious to being killed just because they're important to the story.

    Anyway, I hope you give it a try (and reward my perserverance, even though it's my own fault I had to write this twice), and like it if you do. It can be bought here:

    1. I'm very much looking forward to reviewing your book, Thaddeus! Thank you so much for the late addition! I'll be keeping the sample in my "backup" collection for review this year. Watch the blog for your review! I hope to see you 'round again!

  4. Jo, if your Christmas week is as hectic as mine, you'll need vacations to get over the holidays. If you read Unearthed, you'll want to go spend a week in a cozy B&B on beautiful Prince Edward Island...though I would suggest you go in the summer :)

    This was truly fun. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

    1. Welcome back, J. S.! Thanks for being such a great participant these 12 days. I do hope to see you around the blog again! How fun! I plan to take a vacation from Dec 30-Jan 6! I'll be back in time for the I, Zombie release fun! :)

  5. Hi Jo!

    I am really looking forward to reading the Indie Author's Guide. Can't wait! :D Also can't believe this year is almost over...!

    1. Hey, hey, C. S.! I know, right? The year flew by! I do hope you'll stay around the blog this year. I have some great stuff planned! :) Thanks so much for being awesome the last 12 days. :)

  6. Hey Jo! Feeling lucky because I won again! Woohoo!

    Your book, I.Zombie sounds really intriguing. I entered your contest on Goodreads for it, too :) Thanks for hosting these giveaways! Super fun :)

    1. Thank you so much, Tamar! I do hope you enter again today. Mystic is a really fun series I think you'll love :) I, Zombie releases soon. That book has gotten some wonderful feedback. Making people cry is awesome :) hehe I've loved having you around the last 12 days! Come on back often and visit me!

  7. I've already won a review...(Thank you!) Please sign me up for the giveaway!

    1. Yeah you did, Elle! Your book is amazing. Really great writing, I must say. You're in for the giveaway and you won! Congratulations! I do hope to see you around the blog again :)

  8. Hi, Jo.
    Well, thank your for selecting me to win a copy of Bird. Gorgeous cover.
    I'm all a-tingle over Finnegan's Quest being chosen for review. Hee, hee, hee, hee! As for your books, it's difficult to choose which I'd like best. The metaphysical or paranormal has more than touched my life, so naturally I'm interested. I'm drawn to anything that can improve my writing craft. Hmmm. But then I'm also interest in Genghis Khan. So with a flip of the coin, I'd probably choose Yassa.
    Thanks for a great ride.

    1. Gloria, I'm glad you had something to smile about :) Yassa is one of those books that will leave you forever changed. You don't even have to be a fan of Genghis to love it. It's got romance, epic battle scenes, and one of the best friend stories in history. Best of all, it's free on Screwpulp :) Go grab one! Thanks for participating these last couple of weeks. I hope to see you back again! :)

  9. Hi Jo,

    Thanks so much for hosting all of these giveaways! I wish I had know about your blog earlier! :) I can't believe I actually won something! Ha. I added a couple of your books to my TBR list on Good Reads.

    1. Robin! I wish I could've chosen more books :) But your title is still in there. These are just my first round of reviews. I try really hard to put up at least one a week (52 on my list, there are not) so keep an eye out! ;) Thanks for popping in to participate. My blog is a great tool for writers. I hope to see you back again!

  10. Yeah, I'm a winner again. Thanks for the giveaway and I'm back once more egging for a review. Pitched my novel Ambience the last few days for a review. Thanks again. Happy Holidays and New Years.

    1. Merry freaking Christmas, Christina. :) You're so damned persistent :) I couldn't help but keep you hanging :) Ambience went into the review pile a while ago. Hey, the reviewer has to have some fun, too, right? :) Congratulations and I look forward to reviewing your book :)

    2. Merry freaking Christmas, Christina. :) You're so damned persistent :) I couldn't help but keep you hanging :) Ambience went into the review pile a while ago. Hey, the reviewer has to have some fun, too, right? :) Congratulations and I look forward to reviewing your book :)

  11. Congrats on the awesome participation for your giveaway! Happy holidays =)

    1. Thanks, Heather! It's been so much fun picking up all these samples and reading through them. My eyes are like: o.O right now. LOL! But I think I've discovered some great new authors to fangirl! :) Happy holidays to you, too! :)

  12. Sad to see the fun draw to an end, but I see you are getting on with good interviews. Happy New Year!

    1. Hiya, Molly! You commented a hair too soon :) I do hope you pop on over to the post for today. So lovely!! :) I'm sad to see it come to an end, too. But the greatness will continue throughout the year with the reviews :) Thanks for being such an active participant. Hugs!

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