Thursday, December 19, 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas Day Eight

Happy Thursday, everyone! We're back for another day of book pitching fun. I do hope you've taken a moment to check out one of the authors on the list below. If not, how about heading on over to Amazon and doing that now? Authors, so sorry if you put a referral code in your link. I removed it. That doesn't happen here on the Jo Michaels blog. If you missed the master list of prizes, check out this post. Before we move on to other things, here are the entries so far:

Renee Novelle Reflections Amazon Kindle $0.99
Marc Nash An Eye For An Eye For An Eye Amazon Kindle $2.99
Robin Murphy Federal City's Secret Amazon Kindle $2.99
*Rebecca Trogner The Last Keeper's Daughter Amazon Kindle $7.99*WINNER*
*Scott Marlowe The Five Elements Amazon Kindle $2.99*WINNER*
S.G. Night Attrition: the First Act of Penance Amazon Kindle $4.98
Niramisa Weiss The Liar Amazon Kindle $9.60
*L.K. Evans Keepers of Arden: The Brothers Volume 1 Amazon Kindle $2.99*WINNER*
Kimberley Clark The Species Within (Battles in the Dark #1) Amazon Kindle $2.99
Elle Todd The Elect Amazon Kindle $2.99
Ginette Atcheson The Legacy: Fate Amazon Kindle $0.99
Jay Allan Storey Eldorado Amazon Kindle $3.99
*Sarah Mäkelä The Witch Who Cried Wolf Amazon Kindle $0.99*WINNER*
Doris Schneider Borrowed Things Amazon Kindle $4.95
Cat Brown Awakening (The Dark Rituals Book 1)  Amazon Kindle $0.99
Christina Marie Morales Ambience Amazon Kindle $0.99
*Felicia Tatum Masked Encounters Amazon Kindle $0.99*WINNER*
Molly Taggart Roots that Clutch Amazon Kindle $2.99
Stephanie Erickson The Cure Amazon Kindle $2.99
Peprah Boasiako The Hitman Amazon Kindle $0.99
Massimo Marino Daimones Amazon Kindle $2.99
Felicia Tatum Mangled Hearts Amazon Kindle $1.99
Beem Weeks Jazz Baby Amazon Kindle $3.99
C.S. Janey Surrender To You Amazon Kindle $2.51
Judy Goodwin Heart of the Witch Amazon Kindle $2.99
Jerrie Brock Something Taken Amazon Kindle $2.99
Heidi Angell The Hunters Amazon Kindle $4.99
*David T Griffith The Bestiarum Vocabulum Amazon Kindle $3.99*WINNER*
Kathy Garlock Gone for a Soldier Amazon Kindle $2.99
Molly Taggart Off Target Amazon Kindle $2.99
Emily Street The Velocipede Races Amazon Kindle $3.99
Heidi Angell Elements of a Broken Mind Amazon Kindle $4.99
Edward M Wolfe Devon's Last Chance Amazon Kindle $0.99 
S.G. Daniels The Druid's Doorway Amazon Kindle $3.99
Vardan Partamyan The After/Life Amazon Kindle $0.99
Tina Brescanu Destined Union Amazon Kindle $4.99
Liney Westlund Stella's Saga: Book One Amazon Kindle $2.99
Beth Deitchman Mary Bennet and the Bloomsbury Coven Amazon Kindle $3.99
Gloria Manjarrez Train to Nowhere Amazon Kindle $2.99
Eric A. Maskell The Veil Amazon Kindle $2.99
Skylar Hamilton Burris The Strange Marriage of Anne de Bourgh Amazon Kindle $2.99
Erin McDowell Dark Luminance Amazon Kindle $3.99
Gloria Manjarrez Finnegan's Quest Amazon Kindle $4.99
Emily Street and Beth Deitchman The Painted Dog and Other Stories Amazon Kindle $2.99
Heidi Angell Angel's Dance Smashwords --Set your own price.--
Gloria Manjarrez Emperor's Hostages Amazon Kindle $2.99
J.S. Marlo Cold Sweat (Heart & Endurance #1) Amazon Kindle $4.99
Gloria Manjarrez That Other Kind Amazon Kindle $2.99
Tamar Hela Feast Island Amazon Kindle $2.99
Chris Harrison We Are Toten Herzen Amazon Kindle $3.05
Thaddeus White Sir Edric's Temple Amazon Kindle $2.99
Michele Cooke Dead and Buryd Amazon Kindle $3.99

I've read the samples for many of these. I love the new collection feature on the Kindle iPad app.

If you entered and your name doesn't appear in the above list, you forgot to do something on the Rafflecopter OR you sent me a print only book (which I cannot sample). Only those authors with three entries on the excel form made it into this list. If you only left your book pitch and link in the comments, I didn't pick it up. You gotta fill out the form.

Remember, every book that's pitched stays in until the end! I also don't go in order. Keeping you all guessing 'til the end is my fun time. I'll announce a new choice every day. If you're an author, be sure you're following along each day to get a new way to join me on social media (this will matter when your review goes up). You can enter a book each day if you come back and fill out the new Rafflecopter form.

Okay, enough of my babbling! On to the widget with the winners from yesterday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to you all!! I'll be sending your prizes here in a little while!

And, the winning author for today is...

The Hitman by Peprah Boasiako!!

A hearty congratulations! Your book has been shared, tweeted, pinned, and added to my Goodreads TBR list for this contest.

Why? Well, not only has Peprah been back daily, following along and leaving wonderful comments, his book has a unique premise and got me from the sample.

From now until day 12, that book will be recognized with an * after the title when I do my rundown.

**Kindly remember there's no guarantee your book will be reviewed by me. You did get a purchase and I'll try my best to read it. But if I find I can't give it more than 2 stars, I won't write the review.** 

Now, the entry form for the contest today. A book I know a LOT of people would kill to get their hands on for free:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Yeah, I'm giving away that many.

I know, it's exciting for me, too.

Just in case you missed it, there are a couple more giveaways going on. The first, is for two printed copies of a YA Sci-Fi novel titled A Pair of Docks. You can enter that one here. The second, is for two Kindle Fire HDX tablets and scads of books by some amazing Indie authors. Enter that one here.

Good luck to readers and authors alike.

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. I know you're widely read, but I don't know if poetry is among the genres you read. I'll take the chance and pitch it anyway.

    Sonnets, ballads, couplets, ottava rima, haiku, and unbound free verse'll find it all in this diverse collection of poetry. If you have ever wrestled with faith, felt the ache or joy of love, or witnessed the death of someone close to you, these poems will offer you a chance for reflection, inspiration, and solace. Kindle Book Review called it "An exceptional work. Highly recommended." I'd love to learn your opinion. Here's the link:

    1. Would the title also be helpful? It's A Greater Sound By Far. :)

    2. I've written a review for a poetry book. While not my favorite genre, I do "get" it and enjoy something well written :) Welcome back Skylar. I'm very interested to see what this sample holds :)

  2. Well, I'm feeling mighty lucky. Maybe I should take a trip to Vegas! I'm so excited! Yay me! And by the way, good morning :)

    1. Maybe you should, L. K.! It actually threw your name out twice LOL! Good morning to you, too! :)

  3. Hey, Jo, thanks very much for adding my book to the list.

    I'd also like to cheer you again for doing this, which will hopefully help both authors and yourself (as well as giving readers a list of potential purchases).

    Huzzah for Jo!

    1. Hey, Thaddeus! Welcome back. I'm trying to get people to take a look at authors they may not have heard of, you know? Even if they just check out the winning books at the end of the run, that might be an author they never would've touched otherwise. Who knows? All I can do is try :) Thanks for the cheers and for participating!

    2. Hey, Jo.

      Aside from my own, the only book I think I've read on the list is Daimones. Not my usual genre (sci-fi, rather than fantasy) but it's well worth a look.

      It'll be interesting to see how the genres break down at the end. I'd guess sci-fi, fantasy, and frisky literature for ladies are amongst the most popular self-published genres.

    3. Yeah, but I'm a weird one. I like medical thrillers, science fiction, historical fiction, paranormal, murder mysteries, fairy tales, horror... Heck, I even read and loved a book about a snarky hitman written in second person (strange, right?) called Bigger than Jesus. Don't even ask how the author pulled that one off, but I was so hooked by the story I couldn't put it down. I enjoy what's well written. :) Everything has an equal shot around here, providing it's good.

  4. Replies
    1. To all you visiting authors, you should go check out Jane's blog. It's really quite wonderful and is one of the ones I curate from :)

  5. Pressed post before I had time to think!! doh! Great blog and a great comp you're running. Today's book looks fantastic and one on my wishlist :)

    1. I thought I might see you 'round today, Jane ;) Today's book IS fantastic. It's got zero doses of fluff and all things publishing. Heck, I might make it too easy for someone to self-pub. LOL! Thanks for the comment and the entry!

  6. Hey Jo,

    I like the way that you do your reviews on Amazon, the reader's perspective and the editor's perspective! That is quite clever. I hate giving stars because there are so many (especially indie books) that I would give four or five stars for the creative and original story, but only 1 or 2 stars for editing/ proofreading. Then I split the difference and give them a 3. And I feel bad for doing so. There are lots of books that are worthy of five stars for editing, but the stories are so droll and/ or directly rip off other stories that I feel that they are not worthy of a 3 star rating. It is a fine balance, and difficult to maintain. I like your work around!

    1. Hiya, Chicka! Welcome back. :) Thanks for the compliment. I struggled with reviewing for a while, not sure how to gauge things, then I hit upon my formula and fell in love with it. I've found it works quite well.

  7. To separate your reader's and editor's perspectives gives a clearer image of the book. I like your way of doing reviews. I would give it 5 stars :)

    Riley is a scriptwriter on a television series whose life is shaped by fire. Blythe is an actor on the series whose life was shattered by a bullet. If you want to know what happens when an arsonist and a killer both strike, you'll have to read Unscripted-Duty Bound #1...

    1. Thanks for the compliment, J. S.! I think the authors enjoy the reviews, too. Sometimes, it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes looking over things. Your novel sounds interesting as all get-out. I can't wait to dig into the sample :) Welcome to the madness and thanks for the pitch :)

  8. This looks like it would be a very useful book!

    1. It's one of those books that, once you get hold of a copy, you smack your head, wishing you'd found it sooner :) Thanks for the comment, Molly! Good luck in the drawing!

  9. I'm new here and not exactly sure if I'm doing this right, but here goes. :)

    THE ALIGNMENT by Kay Camden

    A cataclysmic love story. Mountains, magic, and an assembly line of stealthy killers. A century-old spell that thrusts two people into the heart of danger.

    THE ALIGNMENT is the first book in a new series about two rival families and the people caught between them.

    The series spans three generations, with a pair of lovers in each: one pair destined, one pair enemy, and one pair tragic.

    THE ALIGNMENT, on Amazon at

    My website is

    1. Hiya, Kay! Welcome to the madness :) If you filled out the rafflecopter form above, you're IN! This sounds like an interesting premise for a novel. I'm looking forward to your sample. Thanks for the pitch and goooood luck! :)

  10. Afternoon Jo :)

    Checked out your reviews and thought the way you do them is just great! And very helpful; I've not seen many done that way.

    Pitched my book but decided to add today: many people who read "Surrender To You" actually don't like my main characters at first. I always smile when they tell me this, because it is intentional. As the story goes on, they go "ahhhh, I see!" and it's great to hear their opinion & whether or not their views on the characters change. I also just love shocking people :)

    And I agree with L.K...I feel lucky too, Lol.

    1. Thank you, dearest! Good to see you again! :) I like your characters just fine, for the record. I think you have a great little book here. I look forward to reading all of it. :)

  11. Hi, Jo,
    Today, I have a novella, Long Pig up for review, if it's OK with you. This is my experiment in mild horror, it's found at smashwords, com, and the cover is not quite up to what I'd like. But this situation is temporary. The story concerns the wife of a cult priest. She is living in a haze, until she meets a child who pulls her out of it.

    1. Of course it's okay, Gloria! :) I likey horror!! A child who saves a grown-up, eh? Sounds like an awesome premise! I look forward to the sample. Thanks for popping back over and leaving some blog love! :)

  12. I won one of the raffle prizes, that's three wins in forty years (and two of those in the last seven days. I'm on a roll!)

    Thanks for adding We Are Toten Herzen to the list, it's much appreciated.

    1. Seems like things may be a changin' for ya, Chris! Congrats on the win, I haven't gotten to your sample yet, but I'm plugging away at them all :) Thanks for stopping back by! :)

  13. Yesss I won again!!! Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity Jo. I'll be looking forward--I can't wait--to reading your review/thoughts/comments on my debut project. I love what you are doing so much I plan to incorporate it in my own approach in the future. I'm a 'he' by the way.

    1. Totally fixed that, Peprah! My bad! :( Congratulations on the win! I can't wait to delve more deeply into your book. I'm glad you're picking up some tips :)

  14. I was so excited to have found out I won this morning! Woohoo! Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway. Also, I love your reader/editor perspective on book reviews. So many people think they know how to properly do a book review but fall short. Yours are such a great example of how to do it right! :)

    1. Thank you, Tamar. What a lovely compliment. :) You're welcome. I love giving back around the holidays. I think it's something we should all find a way to do, you know? Good to see you back and thanks for the blog love!

  15. I've always been intimidated by the thought of doing a book review. I feel like I'm back in 2nd grade. I'm glad there are people like you who do all the work. You've gotten a lot of interest in your giveaways and that's great.

    1. Ahhhh Alana, they really aren't that hard :) I feel sometimes like I'm writing them for no particular reason and it doesn't matter. But, every now and then, I find out I helped someone and it really makes a difference. Thanks for being such a great supporter of the blog. Hugs!!!

  16. Back once again. Already pitched my book Ambience the last few days for a review. Thanks again for the contest and giveaways. Happy holidays.

    1. Hello, Christina! Welcome back. Happy Holidays to you, too! :) Your book is still in the list!! I may or may not have already added it to the short list ;) hehe Good to see you again!!!!!

  17. Wow, thanks for this great opportunity. We checked your reviews on Amazon, and really like the thought you put into them. Kindness to authors is a wonderful trait in a reviewer!

    We're a mother/daughter writing team, and we'd be delighted to win a review for our new-adult novella, Jack and The Fountain of Youth. It's the story of Jack Ponsi Dileonardo Thomas.

    Why should you read it? We think you'll love Jack--he's the best kind of hero; a quick-witted, edgy, but oh so sweet guy! (Not that we are biased!)

    Jack's 500 years old--at least, that’s what he tells everyone. He doesn't like to lie. But he has to, because he celebrated his real eighteenth birthday five centuries ago.

    Some people say the Fountain of Youth is a myth. Jack knows better. He drank from the fabled fuente in 1513. Over the five hundred years since, he’s given up believing his life will ever again be normal–and that he’ll ever rediscover the magical spring. But when he learns the Fountain is located on the property of Nessa Owens, Jack takes up the search once more. And when Nessa captures his heart, his quest acquires new urgency.

    Caught in the midst of a hurricane, surrounded by centuries-old memories and present day mysteries, Jack must risk all for a future with Nessa.

    Will love prove more powerful than the enchanted waters of the Fountain of Youth?

    The novella is here on Amazon:

    Our website is

    Thanks again for this opportunity!

    1. Welcome to the madness, ladies! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your pitch :) I love the premise of your book and was wowed by the cover when I went to grab your sample. Very nicely done. Good luck!!

  18. Comments for day eight are now closed. Please proceed to the post for day nine if you wish to pitch your book: