Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Announcement Post is TOMORROW - 12 Days of Review Requests

You guys. I'm SOSO excited about tomorrow I can't sit still.

The announcement post for the grand prize giveaway, the process outline, and the rules to play the game goes live tomorrow morning!


All the posts are linked up here, along with a short rundown of the rules for playing along. Bookmark it!

I'm gonna be inviting all the book reviewers I know, so get those pitches ready!

You're gonna just die when you see the grand prize!

Here's a list of author giveaways running each day of the event:

Karen Hooper
Signed book winner's choice
Tricia Copeland
tank top, book and book mark, necklace with swallow charm
Tara Benham
Free Ebook or signed print copy of At Night's End
Tia Bach
ebook of 1st four books in Tala Prophecy series
Kelly Risser
Signed copy of Always Remembered
Casey L. Bond
Ebook of Harvest Saga omnibus
Rachael Brownell
paperback copy of Holding On
M. H. Soars
ebook copy of Wonderwall
Elizabeth Kirke
Book Magnets or ebooks
Cadence Rae
Ebook of In Her Eyes Novella
Katie M John
swag packs
Suzanna Lynn
A set of all three of my books, signed (Bedwife series)
Christina Benjamin
ebooks, swag, giftcards (Geneva Project)
Mindy Ruiz
Enchanted Heart & Lying, Cheating Heart books, Vegas swag pack, and $25 Amazon gift card
Sharon Rose Mayes
1 each paperback copies of Blood Pact and The Broken Pact.
Casey Anderson
1 Signed copy of my book, $10.00 Amazon gift card, necklace with symbol from my book
Jo Michaels
$50 Amazon GC and Two of my books - winner's choice
K. J. Farnham,
One signed copy of Click Date Repeat, One signed copy of Don't Call Me Kit Kat (All Countries)

WOW, right?

How amazing will this party be?

Get ready, because it's COMING!

What are you most excited about?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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