Saturday, December 12, 2015

Vote in the Utopia Short Story Contest and Ask Justin Zagri a Question

Wow. Has this been a crazy month, or what? Happy Monday, everyone! There was a smallish snafu with the Utopia Con short story contest, but I'm happy to report it's been repaired! So, now my post for the month of December (hang in here, it's a long one, but OH SO worth it).
If you haven't heard about UTOPiAcon, the amazing conference for authors in Nashville, you're missing out. Not only are there great authors there speaking, teaching, and hobnobbing, but there are truckloads of books for you to browse, buy, and read. Plus, you get to meet the authors of said books (which is uber cool by itself, right).

If you don't have tickets to the conference yet, you need to get them before prices go up! Go here. Now. You can't afford not to. There are several levels of entry available. Prices range from $55 to $190 for attendees, and from $130-$260 for exhibitors.

Now, let's talk about that short story contest.

Utopia partnered with Little Bird publishing to bring you the #FightForYourWrite anthology contest. All entries are now in!

Why should you care?

Because YOU are the one voting for the winners! That's right, it's all up to the people. Go here to see the submissions and vote for your favorite stories! Each entry is only 1k words, so get to reading.

Time for the information about the film stuffs!

If you didn't already know, there will be a short film screened at Utopia 2016. Harry Potter fan fiction writer Justin Zagri, of Broad Strokes Productions, has put together what looks like an amazing short film based on his writing. Here's the first film that was screened at the first Utopia (when it was still called UtopYA):

And here's the trailer for the newest film:

As an added bonus, you can ask Justin questions he'll answer live on the air on A Daily Cup of Jo! Just fill out this form:

There's a second film being screened, too! I know, right? This one is a documentary about romance authors titled Love Between the Covers.

Find out more about it here or watch the trailer here.

For information about the awesome Idea eXchange speakers and other Utopia stuff, visit the other official bloggers this month:

Week 1: Jo Michaels and Maria Pease
Week 2: Shana Benedict and Delphina Miyares
Week 3: Toni Lesatz and Ren Reidy
Week 4: Ashley Bodette and Kathryn Grimes

Oh yeah!

Will I get to meet you at the conference?

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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