Monday, August 6, 2012

Blog Tag I'm "IT" Today

My dear friend, Sandi, over at An Average Woman in a Superwoman World tagged me in blog tag. Today, I'm finally getting around to the post from being tagged. Enjoy the break from my rambling mind to indulge in a little learning about me. Tomorrow, I'm going to introduce you all to my new series Mystic and give you a synopsis from book one Bronya. Enjoy the read!

First the rules:

    Post rules
    Answer the question your taggers sent you or create new ones, the choice is yours.
    Tag eleven people
    Tell these people they have been tagged.

And now the questions:

1 What gets you out of bed each day?

My kids and knowing I have to do for them. What gets me out of bed with a smile is the fact that I have someone in the world that loves me like my boyfriend. I get to wake up to his face next to mine almost every day now. Without that, I would wake up to monotony. I would shuffle through the motions. The word zombie comes to mind.

2 If an alien landed on earth, what would your top tip ‘for living here’ be?

Don't experiment on people! We have fragile minds.

3 What is your ‘happy song’?

Church" by T-Pain (I LOVE to dance and this has a great beat)

4 Do you have a special place real or imagined?

In the arms of The Best Boyfriend in the World is where I find love, inspiration, and security. That's my special place.

5 What childhood fable, fairy tale or movie stretched your imagination and sticks with you today?

The Last Unicorn because the art is beautiful and the story inspiring. I always get chills when the unicorns run from the surf. Eh, girls and horses...

6 What is your idea of a perfect evening?

Dinner and a movie with my boyfriend and our kids (he has great kids).

7 As a kid, what did you want to be when you grow up?

I wanted to be an imagineer for Disney. I love to draw cartoons.

8 What is your favorite type of movie?

This is going to sound so lame but I love animated movies. Brave was soooo good! I loved Wall-E and A Bug's Life and Shrek. I'm a big ole kid at heart.

9 If you won the lottery would you tell anyone?

I would tell The Best Boyfriend in the World and my mom. No one else. Having money like that brings critters you haven't seen in years out of the woodwork and I wouldn't want to chance it. Certain people in my life would get anonymous donations though.

10 If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be?

I have so many places I want to visit! If I had to choose just one, it would be Stratfordshire in England.

11 Do you believe in Destiny?

I do. I believe we all have a path. Finding it is the mother of all quests and the basis of every good novel. hehe

Now – On to the Next Shift:

I realize there have been a lot of these things doing the rounds, so, if any of you have been tagged before, or it doesn’t light your fire to take part, I won’t be at all offended if you choose to pass on this.

I really don't know who to tag so I'm gonna skip this part. If you would like to do this, consider yourself IT.

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!


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