Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Interview with Genghis Khan from Yassa

As the blog post title suggests, I recalled Genghis to my head and did a bit of an impromptu interview with him. If you have any questions you'd like to add, leave them in the comments section and I'll add them to the interview as they're posted. As a special treat, Yassa will be on sale until next Monday. Enjoy the read!!

GENGHIS KHAN from the novel Yassa 

Jo: Hello, Mr. Khan, it’s nice to have you here today. Thank you for taking time out of your busy conquering schedule to talk with us. When I’m done with my questions, we’ll take a few from the audience.

Genghis: You’re welcome. You should all count yourselves lucky to have a great man like me in your insignificant presence.

Jo: Yes, well, okay… Let’s get to the questions then. So, tell us about the day you murdered your brother, Bekhter.

Genghis: Half brother. That day is the one that’s most clear in my mind. I drew my first real blood as a warrior. Kill or be killed was the choice; you can see which I chose for I sit before you on this uncomfortable chair.

Jo: Sorry about the chair, Mr. Khan. How old were you when this occurred?

Genghis: I was ten. But I was no longer a child. Circumstances required that I become a man and take over the rule of my family. My father, the great Yesugei, chose me from his children to lead the family when he no longer could. I had been in charge for a year. Bekhter was a pain in my ass from the start.

Jo: Tell us, what happened to your father?

Genghis: He was invited in as a friend and then poisoned by the Tatars. They were a rival tribe. I had just been left at Börte’s tribe, where I was to remain until age twelve when I would marry her. My father was murdered on his way home.

Jo: That’s very sad. I’m sorry to hear of your loss.

(Genghis tears up and his lip trembles.)

Jo: On a happier note: Tell us about your wife, Börte.

Genghis: She is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. I fell in love with her at once. At first, I thought perhaps she would only want my future title to pass to her children, but soon discovered that was not the case. Börte is loyal, smart, and beautiful. I have given her great wealth and status in return for her love.

Jo: That’s so sweet! She sounds wonderful. We’d like to hear a little bit about the struggles you faced in your personal life while conquering Asia. Would you care to share a bit about what made you the man you’ve become?

Genghis: Well, you know about the murder of my father by the Tatars then the murder of my half-brother by me. Then, I was arrested and taken into slavery for killing Bekhter, Börte was stolen from me two weeks after our wedding by the Merkits, my best friend, Jamuka, tried to rape her so I had to cast him from my side, the great Wang Khan betrayed me by refusing betrothal of his granddaughter to my son, and then there was that thing with Börte going crazy…

Jo: What caused that?

Genghis: None of your business. (Genghis grips his sword.)

Jo: Okay then (shuffling papers). Let’s move on to the next question: Yassa Law. Tell us what it is and why it’s so important.

Genghis: Yassa is a law that my people live by. It states: Above all else, you’re to be loyal to those you pledge yourself to. I only hand out one punishment for breaking it: death without honor. In my land, when blood is spilled, it is not an honorable way to die. Honorable would be having your back or neck broken. I turned my back on my own rule and allowed Jamuka to live when he betrayed me. That was the biggest mistake of my life. If I had upheld my law and killed him on the spot, I would have had fewer struggles.

Jo: I see. So Jamuka caused you a lot of trouble?

Genghis: Yes. He fought against me to become Khan, tried to steal my wife after I forgave him and let him live the first time, wrote her letters, and attempted to kill me on more than one occasion.

Jo: Wow. He sounds like a great friend.

Genghis: No. He was a terrible friend. Have you not been listening to me?

Jo: That was sarcasm…

Genghis: Huh?

Jo: Nevermind. Well, I’d like to thank you, Mr. Khan, for being here with me today! Is there anyone you would like to thank or say hello to before we say goodbye?

Genghis: Yes. Thank you to: Quasar, Jelme, Bo’orchu, Kutula, and, most of all, Börte. I love you all. (Genghis gets teary).

Jo: If you'd like to know more about Genghis, go pick up a copy of Yassa today! It will be on sale for $3.99 over the next week (regular price is $9.99) in honor of Mr. Khan paying us a visit! Get it on Amazon or Smashwords. Well, folks, that’s all for today! Join us tomorrow for an interview with Kutula! Until next time, WRITE ON!

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