Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Hungry Freelancer Beth Jones

Happy Tuesday, everyone! For any of you that have been following my blog, I bet you remember my blog party and the great list of blogs I posted for you to check out and follow. Today, I'm going to bring back one of those folks I listed on Day 1. Her name is Beth Jones @bethythewriter. You may know her as The Hungry Freelancer from her blog by the same name.

Beth just released a book titled The Hungry Freelancer: How to Break Into (and Succeed In) the World of Freelance Writing and I'd like to take a moment to tell you all a little about it.


If you've ever dreamed of being a writer but don't know how to get started, this book is for you.

The Hungry Freelancer: How to Break Into (and Succeed In) the World of Freelance Writing walks you through, step-by-step, the process of becoming a freelance writer. You don't need a college degree or years of experience to succeed as a writer, and this book shows you how. For just $2.99 on Amazon Kindle, you'll learn how to get started as a writer, how to write your first article, how to start making money, and how to find new, exciting jobs that will bring in fast cash. Chapters include: 1. The Art of Storytelling; 2. "Writer" VS "Author; 3. Where to Start; 4. How to Find (and Keep) Clients; 5. Making Money; 6. Writing it Down. Whether you're an experienced journalist who wants to jump into online writing or a stay-at-home mom who wants to supplement her income, The Hungry Freelancer will help you reach your writing goals.

Doesn't that sound like an amazing read? Now, a little about the author, Beth Jones.

Author Bio:
Beth Jones is a freelance writer who currently resides in Maryland with her husband, sons, and cat. When she's not busy writing, Jones enjoys spending time outdoors absorbed in a good mystery novel. A military wife, Jones has lived all over the U.S. and has worked as a writer in many different cities.

You can find Beth on Twitter @bethythewriter and you'll love giving her FaceBook page a like. Come on, everyone needs to feel the love!

As a recap, you can find The Hungry Freelancer: How to Break Into (and Succeed In) the World of Freelance Writing on Amazon by clicking the link here. It's just $2.99. Pocket change you can turn into a regular paycheck!

On to some more great news! You can now purchase Mystic ~ Bronya in both paperback and Kindle versions. Also, as you can see on the widget, the Goodreads giveaway has begun! Make sure you enter for your chance to win!

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Beth is awesome. She helped me a lot as I published my first ebook. She's very smart and savvy.

    1. I'd have to agree with you. She puts out a lot of great information. Thanks for the comment!


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