Thursday, August 30, 2012

Character Interview with Abigale Fontenot

Happy Thursday, people in the blogosphere!! Today, I bring you twelve-year-old Abigale Fontenot from The Abigale Chronicles! Along with Abigale's visit, I'm please to announce her books are available FREE until midnight tonight, the 30th of August, 2012. Only on Amazon.

Jo: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Thursday interview! Today, I have a wonderful surprise for you: Abigale Fontenot from the children’s chapter book series The Abigale Chronicles is here to answer some questions for us. Hello, Abigale. How are you today?

Abigale: I’m great, thanks. Hi, everyone! (waves enthusiastically)

Jo: That’s a very pretty dress you have on. Where’d you get it?

Abigale: Oh! Thanks! I got it at the mall in the city. I love dresses.Jo: (smiles) Tell us a little bit about your friends, Kristy and Emmett.Abigale: Kristy and me grew up together and she was my BFF before all the trouble started. ‘Till last year, I thought Emmett hated me. Come to find out, that boy likes me a lot and just didn’t know how to say it. Kristy won’t talk to me now but me and Emmett have been goin’ on adventures of some kind. I still ain’t figured it out though. What’s happening, I mean.

Jo: What do you mean by what’s happening? Are you talking about if your adventures are real and what’s causing them?

Abigale: Yeah. We don’t know why we go the places we do. That last time really freaked me out. Those cats were super weird and, when we got back, Emmett was half a mile away. I don’t know if that had to do with the amount of time we were gone or what because we weren’t together when the first one started.

Jo: What does it feel like when you have an adventure?

Abigale: It feels like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I just black out and wake up somewhere else. This last time, Emmett was right there with me when we arrived. I was thankful for that.

Jo: Tell me about the first adventure.

Abigale: Well, I woke up in a weird place. Come to find out, there were all these Amazon women everywhere. They don’t like boys. My looks had changed and that silly queen thought I was her daughter! She tried to get me to kill Emmett. Even though I didn’t like him, I couldn’t kill him! I don’t even like squishing bugs. So I saved him and we ran away.

Jo: Wow! You were very brave! What happened the second time?

Abigale: We ended up in this weird world full of talking cats. There was one by the name of Theodore who used us to help him get back his noble rights and then, the little booger tried to cook us up for dinner! We came home just in time. It was scary!

Jo: It sounds scary. Now, I hear you like to write poetry. Can you tell us what started that?

Abigale: My love of reading started it but my teachers encouraged me to continue. I have a nifty little notebook I write them all down in. I deal with stress that way and keep up with my memories from life as well. It’s like a little chronicle of my life. But, my notebook is full. I sure hope I get another one for my birthday.

Jo: When is your birthday?

Abigale: October twenty-third.

Jo: That’s really soon!

Abigale: Yup! I can’t wait! I’m gonna be thirteen!

Jo: (smiles) I remember turning thirteen. I hope it’s all you dream it will be. I have one more question before you go, Abigale. What is a traiteur?

Abigale: You mean like Ms. Ada?

Jo: Yes.

Abigale: They’re faith healers based in the Catholic religion. They can fix just about anything with their hands. I’ve seen it, it really works! Ms. Ada is one of the oldest around. Rumor has it, the gift has to be passed from a female to a male to a female and they have to be related. None of her family wants it so I guess the gift is gonna die with her. That’s a sad thing because it’s part of who we are as Cajuns. Part of our legacy, you know?

Jo: Yes. I see. That is a sad state of affairs. I hope she can convince one of them to take it someday. Thank you, Abigale, for giving us some of your time today and good luck with your birthday!

Abigale: Thanks! Bye everyone! (waves again)

Well, that's all for today, folks! Come on back tomorrow to read my interview with Ms. Bronya Thibodeaux from the first book in the Mystic series! If you wanna ask a question, now's the time to do it. If you wanna go grab the book, it's available here. If you missed the interview with Genghis Khan, check it out here.

Until next time, WRITE ON!



  1. Loved this, Jo, and I learnt a new word - traiteur. Thank you for your contribution to writing - always interesting and informative :-) Merlene

    1. Thanks, Merlene! Good to see you! I'm glad I could teach a little something about my home state :)


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