Saturday, June 16, 2012

Book Review - Ghostnapped!

Book Review: Ghostnapped! By Ashley Howland

Get ready for a ghastly, ghost-hunting mystery that will chill the very marrow in your bones! Ashley Howland makes her debut with a sensational spectral adventure that will ‘fright and delight’ kids and teens everywhere. 

My Rating: three out of five stars

Ghostnapped! has a wonderful, weaving plot that caught me after just the first few pages and held me until the end. Trying to figure out what the monster was had me scratching my head and turning the page. This book will resonate with young readers everywhere. Alex’s adventure leads her to understand what it means to love your sibling and the book ends on a happy note. A good lesson for children.

However, there are a few errors in the writing that took me off guard. A few small things could be changed to give the story a smoother flow.

Overall, an enchanting read. I recommend it.

Ten-year-old Alex loves to explore, but when her younger brother is mysteriously ghostnapped on their camping trip at the beach, it is up to Alex and her trusty Labrador, Thuds, to investigate her brother’s sudden disappearance. 

As she surveys the grassy hills and dangerous rocky cliffs near their camp, Alex uncovers a hidden secret to other disappearances that occurred at the very same campsite – over 50 years ago! 

A chilling mystery that can only be solved by Alex, Thuds, and a ghost girl named Susan, Ghostnapped! explores mysteries of the past, present and beyond the grave.

Ashley Howland grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, where she now lives with her husband, Ross, their daughters, Maddy and Aijay, and her faithful Labrador, Obi. When not writing or spending time with her family, Ashley is busy working for Labs ‘n Life, a non-profit organization that trains Labradors as assistance dogs.

If you'd like to purchase Ghostnapped! here are some links:

For other books by Ashley Howland (@AshleyHowland) visit her author page here. To read an interview with Ashley done by me, go here.

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