Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Wanna Be Like Mike!

Not really. I don't play basketball. :) Oh, man!! Asking me this is like asking a crack addict what kind of rock they prefer...

Who is your favorite literary character? With which literary character do you most relate?

Day five in the 28 Day Author Blog Challenge, here I go...

Laura, not a fair question! I have so many! I'll list five. Without further ado (or adon't):

1. Jane Bennett from Pride and Prejudice - Ms. Jane is such an unassuming character who always has a kind word for everyone. She refuses to see the flaws people have and never talks about anyone behind their back. I think she would say of a rattlesnake, "It does not bite you because it chooses to; it bites you because it must."

2. Sam Gamgee from LOTR - Oh, man. What can I say about Sam? He is the ideal friend that always has your back no matter what you say to him or how you treat him. Sam knows Frodo doesn't mean what he says. When Sam sneaks and follows his friend, the chips fall and Sam is there, as he should be. I want a friend like Sam.

3. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter - I love how bookish she is and how her smarts make her the target for derision. She isn't gorgeous, nor is she painted that way, but she has a certain something that sets her apart; I like to think it's her penchant for reading. She is a friend to the end who understands how Harry feels because she oftentimes feels the same way. People are jealous because she makes them look small.

4. Myra Rutledge from Weekend Warriors - She's an older lady with spunk. I mean, come on, she learns to pole-dance for crying out loud! When she's angry, she seethes and wants revenge. I love that she takes justice into her own hands when her daughter is murdered. Myra makes me punch the air every time she comes up with a plan that is both vicious and clever. She reminds me of my mom...

5. Kitty from A Dog Called Kitty - Okay, so I'm cheating a little bit here but this book is one of my favorites and when the end happened, I cried like a little girl. I fell in love with that smart little dog while reading this book and his antics have stayed on in my heart throughout my whole life. Oftentimes, I recall the author's description of Kitty's reaction when he ate some jalapeno peppers and it still makes me smile. What a great dog.

Is it strange that only two of those characters came from a favorite author? I read Pride and Prejudice any time I don't have a new book around. It's just a great story.

Which character do I identify with the most? Hermione. I see so much of myself in her and it scares me a little. It's like J.K. got into my head somehow, pulled Hermione right out, and slapped her down on paper.

Now on to other things! If you missed it, Yassa released yesterday! Go get your copy now. That's an order a suggestion.

You can find it at the links listed on the top of this blog. Just choose your version and click for a look. If you choose Smashwords, at the back of the book there is a code for a free copy of The Abigale Chronicles - Book One at Smashwords.

That's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!!



  1. Totally agree with Jane Bennett. Also one of my favorite books. Have you seen 'Lost in Austen', the British miniseries? I loved it. Great, creative adaptation.

    1. I haven't. I will have to google that. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  2. The greatest thing about Lizzy Bennett is she's so accessible. She's the best friend, the sister, the reserved lady with a sense of decorum, but brave enough to speak up when needed. She's clever and beautiful, but not overly-gorgeous in a way that's intimidating. She's the woman we all want to be. Well done.

    1. Did you use her name for the female lead in Canopy? They do seem eerily similar :)

  3. Nice response to the challenge - and interesting thank you.

    1. Thanks, Merlene! I try not to bore people.


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