Monday, June 25, 2012

New Book Sneak Peek!

You are getting this sneak peek due to a prompt from the 28 Day Author Blog Challenge :)

What is/will be the subject of your next book?

Congratulations! You get a sneak peek at the rundown for Player! Enjoy the synopsis:

Richard Meretis thinks he has it all figured out. He's decided to replace his wife and use a patsy to end his marriage. A patsy is necessary because there's no way his wife, Julia, will believe he wants a divorce any other way and he can't let her know about the true object of his affections. His sights are set on a number of women as possibilities, but a chance meeting leaves him reeling.

Enter Kathy. She's trapped in a loveless marriage where she feels like a slave. Searching for evidence of her husband's debauchery online, she happens upon Richard. They meet and the electricity is off the charts. Even the L word is considered.

Emotions run high through this story of betrayal and escape. Richard might achieve his goals but the real question is: Who's playing whom?

Due to release in October 2012!

Now a sneak peek at Mystic:

X girl (yet unnamed) has a crystal ball. She sees in it the end of the world and four young girls who can stop the rise of evil and prevent that end.

But they must come together, and X girl must be the one to bring their meeting to reality.

The fourl girls' lives are riddled with problems. One is a lesbian who's afraid to admit who she really is. Another is a glutton who self-abuses because of a difficult upbringing. Every girl has a unique problem to overcome.

If X girl cannot help the young ladies overcome their fears and tap into the power that resides inside, the world will come to an end. How can she do it? Will she be able to bring the young ladies together and make them see their own power in time?

And that's the synopsis for the Mystic series!! Let me hear you say, "Ooooooh!" :) The first book is due to release in December 2012!!

Well, that's all for today, folks! Until next time, WRITE ON!



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